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Question about Airsoft Tanks for Battle?

by Dude

"Why do Airsoft people like using tiny little Airsoft tanks, and why do they need cameras on them. How far do the tanks go, and do they work in the woods? Do they shoot anything? Do/Can they shoot people or just shoot other tanks, targets, what? Thanks for your answer/response"

Response From Airsoft Gun Dome:

Years ago, I'd have told you that I’ve never seen or heard of someone using those R/C tanks in an airsoft game!

Generally the guns in those tanks used to be low powered novelties and useless for anything but shooting at toy soldiers in your garden!

Their R/C range was also fairly limited and their capacity for off road driving was poor at best.

Essentially, for the hardcore, they’re fun novelties for use in a garden or against a similar model tank, but the hardcore have no use in an airsoft game!

Now, these tanks have greatly improved in power. If you get one, please let us know how it works for you and your Airsoft buddies!

Airsoft Gun Dome

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