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What is Skirmishing in Airsoft?

Airsoft skirmishing is a popular game that is played with Airsoft guns, which are similar to paintball guns, except much more affordable and they shoot soft pellets.

Typically the game is played with 2 teams, which wear eye protection, and camouflage clothing and carry lots of ammunition.

An airsoft skirmish can be played anywhere, fields, forests, barns, old factories, just about anyplace where you can seek cover and attack the enemy team.

Most of the skirmishing involves hitting the players on the opposing team, where they are considered out until the regeneration period is over, or all players are hit and the skirmishing starts over.

Skirmishing sites typically have certain rules and safety standards that must be followed. Airsoft offers a variety of different games, but skirmishing is the most common as the sport is emerging in the UK, US and Europe, although Airsoft originated in the Far East.

Also known as Airsoft Wargaming, skirmishing involves pitting two teams against each other.

Airsoft skirmishing is being used to train military because it is low cost and an effective way to practice military tactics. Other Airsoft games pit individual players against each other.

Capture the flag, hostage rescue, and last man standing are some other examples of Airsoft games.

Airsoft typically uses hand signals, which are especially helpful during Airsoft skirmishing because it helps you to attack the enemy without letting your presence known.

Typically, a captain is chosen of each team, and they are the one(s) who generates the hand signals, although, sometimes it becomes necessary for all members to utilize them at some point during the games.

Skirmishing can also be used in other sports, such as martial arts, paintball, and fencing.

Skirmishing was traditionally a formation used by military which was a widely spaced and open line, versus a tightly formed line of battle.

Skirmishing has been on the battle fields of the military for a long period of history, where the skirmishers would take cover behind trees, houses, and other obstacles to make it harder to be hit. In football, you may have heard the announcer refer to skirmishing during a football game.

Because of the Airsoft military principles, it is only natural that Airsoft skirmishing has become the term commonly used for the Airsoft games that pit two sides against each other, much like military maneuvers.

Airsoft is gaining in popularity and many paintball enthusiasts have taken up Airsoft as an alternative that is cheaper and less messy.

Airsoft guns can look like real replicas of actual guns and Airsoft BB's can inflict some damage when shot at close range.

Most Airsoft skirmishing fields have strict safety rules regarding distance, but all players should wear proper Airsoft safety equipment, regardless.

The principle of Airsoft originated when Daisy manufactured a soft pellet gun alternative to the BB gun. Overseas manufacturers expanded on the idea and many manufacturers sprung up in Japan and Taiwan.

Airsoft has expanded to several continents and the sport is quickly replacing paintball in popularity.

In summary, Airsoft skirmishing is the most common game, and was a spin-off from paintball skirmishes, which were the typical competitions.

Both have come from military evolutions where skirmishing was a formation of troops. One thing is certain, and that is that Airsoft has become a very popular sport as well as the skirmishing strategies that may go along with it.