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What Are Airsoft Sniper Rifles?

Photo of an Airsoft Mauser Pro Tactical Sniper Rifle, all black in color with bipod

Mauser Pro Tactical Sniper Rifle

Of all available Airsoft guns, the Airsoft sniper rifle is probably one of the most popular weapons of choice for a long-range sniper who sets up a perfect ambush site.

Airsoft sniper rifles are high-power, precision weapons significantly faster and more accurate than the ordinary rifle. They are designed to propel 6 to 8 millimeter plastic BBs or pellets at an extremely high velocity.

What are Aisoft Sniper Guns and How Do They Work?

Typical Airsoft rifles are made of a heavyweight blend of metal and plastic. ABS plastic gives the rifle a realistic feel to it without the actual heaviness and expensiveness of steel. These models of starter sniper rifles are cheaper and more cost-effective for the average Airsoft player.

More expensive models are made completely from steel and wood, and they have high-quality mechanisms to accurately fire the gun.

Picture of an Airsoft sniper rifle called Tiberius Arms T9, all black in color. It's beautiful!

Tiberius Arms T9 Sniper Rifle

They also have longer barrel lengths averaging round 42 inches and the heavier feel preferred by more avid Airsoft enthusiasts. They have a firing velocity of approximately 390 fps (feet per second).

Due to their length, sniper rifles is usually stationarily positioned and mounted on a bipod for greater precision in firing. For easier maneuverability in close quarters, some rifles are designed with removable or folding stocks.

One can actually purchase a cheaper model and exchange certain parts of it for metal or wood at a later time. One can have it upgraded or customized with a metal barrel, custom grip, wooden stock, or red light scope, and thus increase your rifle's overall value.

The Mechanism Behind these Airsoft Sniper Rifles

As precision weapons, Airsoft sniper rifles are designed with better muzzle velocity compared to many guns. Airsoft magazine capacity can be supplemented with additional ammunition, although 20 to 30 shots are preferred

These sniper rifles may also be designed for comfort by being lightweight and furnished with accessories like silencer for silent firing, adjustable rear sight, laser scope for long-range viewing, or shoulder harness for agility.

Simplicity and easy usage are twin factors considered in choosing sniper rifles which should be easy to manage and maneuver in actual Airsoft games.

Airsoft M14 Sniper Rifle Kit 1

Airsoft M14 Sniper Rifle Kit 1

There are three major types of Airsoft sniper rifles powered either by bolt-action spring, electricity or battery, and gas.

Being self-powered, the slider of spring rifles need to be cocked and recocked with every shot in their range of 10 feet. However, their silent recoil adds an element of surprise.

Gas-powered rifles are fed through the rifle butt with CFC-free gas in aerosol or tin can form. Gas rifles are said to be heavier, more difficult to handle, but more accurate compared to the other two types.

Anyone who is serious about Airsoft and its war games ought to consider any of the available types of Airsoft electric rifles.

These are electric-fed or battery-operated charged guns with the advantage of motor power that allows release in a very fast, automatic motion.

Operating on the principle of spring guns without the manual cocking, these guns can fire 100 rounds per minute, with pellets traveling from 250 to 450 feet per second.

What Types of Airsoft Games are Airsoft Sniper Rifles Used?

Some people confuse Airsofting with paintball, but the former is more of a combat game wherein two opponent groups outdo and eliminate each other using pellets.

Airsoft play combined with military-simulated role playing is known as MilSim.

CTF, or Capture the Flag, is another Airsoft game aimed at capturing the opponent's flag while protecting one's own base.

What are the top 5 Airsoft Sniper Rifles?

The most popular Airsoft sniper rifles are surprisingly the lower-end and typically inexpensive:

  1. UHC Super 9 series or the common M14

  2. The UTG M324 sniper starter rifles

  3. HFC USR-11 starter sniper rifles

  4. The new model of Tokyo Marui VSR-10 sniper rifle (see image below)

  5. The Airsoft Electric Guns (AEGs) and Rifles (AERs) including versions of Realshock, Pro, and GSPEC

Spring Super Sniper Rifle Wood Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Clone 370 FPS Airsoft Gun

Spring Super Sniper Rifle Wood Tokyo Marui VSR-10, 370 FPS Airsoft Gun

A Super 9 series costs around $100 - $175 U.S. dollars excluding upgrades, while a higher-end rifle goes as high as $2,000 to $3,000 U.S. dollars.

These small, but action-filled war games are played by snipers with camouflage on battlefields enhanced with bunkers, towers, and other man-made contraptions in sceneries both lifelike and creative.