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What is Tactical Army Gear and Equipment?

What is Tactical Equipment Gear and its Purposes?

Tactical army equipment is to aid in survival of the troops in adverse conditions and environments, yet gives them self-protection, while having weapons to mount an offensive or defensive strategy.

In the Army, the tactical army equipment may be geared to the environment, but much of the tactical army equipment may also be used by law enforcement agencies, snipers and other government defense positions.

What Type of Tactical Equipment is Used in the Army?

Of course, the most notable part of the tactical Army equipment would be the uniform, which is typically camouflaged. It may involve body armor suits worn under the fatigues, a bullet proof vest, a MOLLE backpack stocked with hydration and food rations, survival knives, and an entrenching tool. The uniform may also consist of a helmet for head protection, a face mask for camouflage, and a gun belt and holster.

Depending on the location of the army troops, camouflage may be green for vegetated areas or brown for desert settings.

The Army also has military sniper units, so some tactical snipers equipment may include a sniper rifle, scope, night vision goggles, and other bipods and tripods for gun accuracy. It may also include a poncho for tactical raingear.

What Each Type of Army Gear Equipment is Used for - Head to Foot!

The equipment is for self-protection and comfort from the elements in the case of the uniform, with the helmet serving as head protection, and body armor to deflect possible gunfire.

It may or may not include a bullet proof vest, depending on whether it is for Special Forces and tactical operations or the regular troops. The boots are made for foot warmth and protection more than comfort.

The gunbelt or ammo belt may also include a holster for guns, Swiss army knives or other military weaponry, such as grenades. The MOLLE backpack contains food rations and hydration canteens, and may also include the entrenching tool for digging trenches when necessary and other tools such as axes and machetes if required for chopping wood in heavily wooded areas or for a campfire.

A rain poncho may be required for torrential downpours and a scarf or breathing mask may be necessary for desert operations with blowing sand.

Special tactical army equipment is necessary to military snipers, and front line scouts who may be the first to encounter the enemy and launch an attack.

Special communication radios may be included in the equipment gear of these scouting expeditions and the backpacks may be loaded with other supplies, such as medical aid kits, compass, candles, matches, brass snare wire or fishing kits!

Tactical Army Gear and Equipment Pro and Cons

The pros of tactical army equipment are that it is especially made for camouflage, and it is made for self-protection and survival from enemy attack and the elements.

Food rations and backpacks are important for survival on missions that might last several days. Many tactical army units may also guard against sand storms, blizzards or torrential rain, so rain gear and special face masks may be necessary, in addition to thermal clothing.

The cons of tactical army equipment are that it is bulky and may have to be hauled for long distances. It may involve a lot of different clothing in preparation for rain or shine, sleet or blizzard. Depending on where the troops are stationed, the weather conditions can also determine the required tactical Army equipment.

Some states may not allow the purchase of certain tactical Army equipment except for face to face sales, such as body armor in Connecticut for example. Also, body armor is restricted from being exported to foreign countries.

Top Three Manufacturers Who Sell Tactical Army Equipment to the 'Everyday Person'

There are several military suppliers that also sell to the general public. Of course, there are many army surplus stores across the country, which have most of the tactical Army equipment. Many of the retailers may have websites on the internet.

Some of the popular manufacturers such as Special Forces can be found at, and they offer equipment used by the Green Berets.

Diamondback Tactical offers sales to the general public and they manufacture armor vests, they are at

Security Pro USA has a wide range of tactical army equipment, as well as other tactical specialties for police and survival training, and their website is .


Additional Pertinent Info

Tactical army equipment is widely available at military surplus stores and there are many places on the Internet. Finding some items may require some research, but most tactical army equipment is readily available.

Most people enjoy the comfort of some of the clothing, and a lot of the equipment is very handy on camping or hunting trips.

Some people may purchase tactical army equipment for self protection, whether it is from the elements or intruders, but for the most part it is used in survival situations like hiking in mountainous or avalanche prone areas or remote areas of the forest, for example.

Tactical army equipment that is worn by the troops in Afghanistan or Iraq may be some of the same tactical equipment that snipers or law enforcement need for self protection and survival.

Big game hunters also need some of the same equipment, and security personnel or bodyguards may have a use for much of the weaponry and accessories.

And of course, there is usage of this quality equipment for Airsoft Combat, Battles, and Games!

Because the tactical army equipment is a little more involved than other tactical equipment, due to the different weather and environmental conditions, there are some things, like the rain poncho, for example, that may come in handy on a fishing trip or canoe trip.

Whatever the purpose, tactical army equipment has a multitude of uses and purposes that the general public can also put to good use.

Whether you are playing paintball, airsoft games or just going hunting, there is tactical army equipment that can be used to give you an advantage.