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Tell me about Airsoft Uzi for games please? Is it a good gun to use for an Airsoft game?

by Michael
(Kingston, Ontario Canada)

"What is an Airsoft Uzi, is it powerful, and what games is it used for? What are three top brand or companies (if there are that many?) who make and/or sell it? Also if its expensive. Thank you."


Answer from Airsoft Gun Dome:

An Airsoft Uzi would be an airsoft gun in the shape of a Uzi 9mm! As with all other airsoft guns, it’s not the model of gun that’s important but the company which makes the replica.

You can get airsoft Uzis ranging form cheap spring guns up to expensive AEGs. The Uzi design itself is quite compact and is ideal for CQB games. The short barrel and lack of a fixed stock makes it less than ideal as a long range gun.

The only high end Uzi AEG made was by TM many years ago. This has been discontinued for a long time now, so examples are rare and expensive.

Other than that you’re limited to spring guns or LPEGs, none of which are worth spending any money on.

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