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The P90 Airsoft gun makes and models - good guns?

by Bobby
(Portland, ME)

"Is the P90 a good airsoft gun? Why or why not? Is this a rifle, automatic, or what? Appreciate your time for this"

Response From Airsoft Gun Dome:

As a design, the P90 is a great gun – it's small light and compact with a fair sized barrel for such a tiny gun.

With a mock suppressor and a longer tightbore barrel you can get a good accurate gun which is still extremely small and manageable.

Many people find that P90 mags are awkward, both due to their shape (they need specific pouches) and the fact that they can have feed problems if they're not used properly.

There are many brands and models of airsoft P90 ranging from cheap springers to expensive AEGs so I’m afraid it’s impossible to comment on the second part of your question.

As with all airsoft guns P90 is just the style of the gun and you really need to ask about a specific brand of P90 before we can be definitive!

Hope this helps!

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rsoft P90 Automatic - Comments
by: Rat

As a runner of P90 primary, I wanted to toss my two cents into this.

The P90 is an automatic, considered a bullpup since all the action of the gun is bolstered in the back of the actual machine, instead of the mechanisms being in the front as the case is with most assault rifles.

I use a Tokyo Marui P90 myself I bought from a fellow player and it is solid beyond belief. It hasn't broken down, parts are still solid, and I've run a LOT of rounds through it.

That being said, everyone I have met who has held my P90 or used one in game has loved it. They enjoy how quickly it can be snapped up from carry to shooting position, the gun itself is quiet, and a foam filled suppressor only dampens it that much more.

Yes, the mag pouches can be a pain in the rear, but completely worth it seeing as how you can get high end midcaps from MAG that hold about 170 rounds and have never fed poorly for me.


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