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Tokyo Marui: Leading Manufacturer of Airsoft Guns

Electric Tokyo Marui AEG MP5A5 FPS-300 Airsoft Gun  

Airsoft guns are great tools for several reasons. Many people use them as a tool for improving balance and coordination between the hands and the eyes. Learning to aim for something and hit it while aiming is certainly a skill that can be acquired by using an airsoft gun.

Airsoft guns are also great for use in pre-firearm training, with people who are not quite ready for the real thing yet. They are also great for target practice. Whatever your intended use for an airsoft gun is, the leading manufacturer of airsoft guns around the world is Tokyo Marui.

Tokyo Marui has long been known to be Japan's most well renowned airsoft gun maker, but they are popular around the world as well. The most important features of any airsoft gun are detail and accuracy, and that is what Tokyo Marui airsoft guns are the most well known for.

Electric Tokyo Marui AEG G3SAS FPS-275 Airsoft Gun  

Electric Tokyo Marui AEG G3SAS FPS-275 Airsoft Gun  

The company makes airsoft guns that are replicas of popular shotguns, rifles, and handguns. This can satisfy the gun enthusiast in just about anyone, without having to use any gunpowder or bullet. They are powered through the compression of a spring. The spring moves back, the pellets are inserted, and when the spring is released the air soft pellets are propelled through the barrel and into the air.

By no means are Tokyo Marui airsoft guns cheap, but quality certainly comes at a cost. A good quality airsoft gun made by that company starts at about $150 and moves up from there. Even a magazine can cost up to $25 alone. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for with anything in life, and airsoft guns are no different.

Replica airsoft guns are popular. Many people want to be able to make use of airsoft guns, but things are more fun when the gun looks like a real one—even if it doesn't shoot real bullets like one. Whatever your need is for an airsoft gun, Tokyo Marui is the company to go with. Top notch materials, realistic replicas, and impeccable aim make it the epitome of airsoft gun technology.


Take a look at...

Electric Tokyo Marui Assault Rifle TYPE89 FPS-315 Bipod Airsoft Gun  

Electric Tokyo Marui Assault Rifle TYPE89 FPS-315 Bipod Airsoft Gun  

First Developed for the Japan Ground Self-Defense force, the New TYPE 89 From Tokyo Marui has the latest series 8 gearbox with a new 3 burst shot mechanism. It also comes with a metal receiver and barrel which make the gun extremely realistic. Marui also uses a specialized manufacturing process which makes the composite look virtually identical to the real steel.