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What Airsoft games should I do for my birthday?

Picture of Airsoft player in woods nearby his home

Picture of Airsoft player in woods nearby his home

I have a birthday coming up and I want to know what games would be fun.

There are going to be 10 people including me. I have a big backyard and am looking forward to the anwser. Thanks!!

Answer Provided by Airsoft Gun Dome below:

Happy Birthday! And thank you very much for your question!

So to answer your question(s)...

Some fun Airsoft games for that amount of people would be capture the flag, traditional war, and free-for-all.

With capture the flag, you can play it two different ways.

One is to have two flags. Split up into teams of five and pick two flags.

Put them in a designated area so the other team will know where they are.

You can split up the teams however you want in terms of offense and defense.

I/we suggest three up front and two to guard the flag.

The object of this game is to bring the other team's flag into your base.

The rules are simple - if you get shot you are out.

You can choose to have a medic, who can tag people back in but if the medic gets out you can't get back in.

CTF #2

Another, second version of Capture The Flag, is to have one flag in the middle of the yard.

The first team to bring it back to their own base wins.

Traditional War

Using the Airsoft game - Traditional War - you would also get onto two teams.

The first team to lose all their players looses. pretty self-explanatory! :-)

Airsoft Game - Free For All

Free-for-all uses no teams.

With this type of game it's every-man-for-himself and if you're out you're out!

Additional Tips

To make these Airsoft games more fun you can add a reward to the team or lone player, that wins.

It's of course up to you to decide, but that motivates people and makes the game more fun.

In my personal opinion - the most fun out of these games would be capture the flag.

Again, Happy Birthday! Hope you have a blast!

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Great airsoft tips for games in small yard
by: Ty

Cool airsoft tips for the games, does anyone know more games?

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