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What Airsoft Gun Should I Buy? Price No Issue

Price is no issue. I want one that is upgradeble and good for CQB.

Response from AirsoftDome Team:

For CQB there are a couple types of guns I would recommend. M4s, MP5s, and G36s. There are many other guns that are good but the three mentioned above but those are the most well known and upgradeable.

They are very compact and great guns for CQB. All three have options to put an RIS system so you can mount scopes, foregrips, flashlights, and anything else you want to use.

I personally use an upgraded G&G M4 and love it. Even the full sized ones work great. With a red dot and foregrip it dominates the battle field. Not to mention the V2 gearbox which is very easy to work on and upgrade.

When choosing a specific gun there are a couple things you want to look for: reliability, accuracy, and FPS.

Most CQB fields don’t allow guns over 350 FPS so you either need to buy a gun with sub-350 FPS or downgrade the spring.

For M4s this is what I would recommend, from cheapest to most expensive.








MP5s are the typical CQB weapon. They are very light, compact, and easy to use. Here is what I would recommend.

1. (This is an insane deal)



G36s have a V3 gearbox so they are a little more difficult to work on. Still do-able but more of a challenge.


When choosing a gun it all comes down to personal preference. Just like a car or a house. Choose what you think looks good because every gun linked above is reliable and accurate.

On most of them you will need to downgrade the spring to make it CQB legal but do some research. It is really not that difficult.

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