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What fps limit would you recommend?

by Anthony
(Sheboygan, WI)

Me and my friends are making an airsoft group and we have been wondering what fps is suggested. My idea was to limit AEGs to 300 and only allow bolt action snipers to reach 450. Does that sound reasonable.

I have just been pestered by some people to up the limit to 400 for AEG and 600 for snipers. But I want to avoid unnesscessary pain and the whole rich kid=better gun scenario.

You know, where the kid who has the most money to spend will ultimately have an ultimate weapon and have a major advantage over another player.

Response From Airsoft Dome:

FPS limits depend on what type of game you are playing. For CQB the typical limit is 350 for an AEG and the usually have minimum engagement distances (MED). This means if you get within a certain distance to another player, you have to transition to a pistol or sidearm.

Let’s say you are trying to flank the enemy and the MED is 25’. You walk around a corner and see an opponent 15’ away. You would be required to put down your primary and transition to a secondary before you would be able to shoot that player.

If your team is planning to play outside the normal limits are 400 FPS with an AEG and 450 sometimes 500 FPS for a bolt action sniper. But snipers usually have a MED of 100’.

And AEGs have a MED of 50’. Once you reach that distance, you have to transition to your sidearm or pistol. On most fields there is a strict punishment if you do not obey these rules.

Usually it is a one day ban and a warning so most people are pretty self conscious about the distance to their target.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun and use common sense.

If someone is 50’ away and you can legally shoot them with your AEG, don’t unload into them on full auto. Be respectful and take a couple shots in semi. Have fun starting your club and play safe!

AD Team,

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