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What is Airsoft?

Games based on warfare have been popular throughout civilization for thousands of years. However, it is not for the reason most people assume. Many believe that playmate combat games is all about physical exertion. If this were true, then no strategy would be involved. In actuality, strategy is the key to combat of games.

Developing strategy requires logic and that means more complex games need to be devised to keep people entertained.

One such game is Airsoft which is a means of using Airsoft guns to compete against opponents in a variety of military or combat based play.

Airsoft guns are basically prop guns designed to look like the real thing that fire nonmetallic pellets. These pellets are launched in the air thanks to the release of compressed gas. This gas is held a canister inside the gun and it can be replaced when the canister is empty.

Airsoft Games

The way that Airsoft is converted into a competitive game will vary depending upon the rules of play. In some instances, the classic game of capture the flag will be used to decide winners or losers.

In other games, the winner will be last man standing or less members of the team standing. Regardless of the rules, Airsoft guns are in play and are used to fire upon the members of the other team. What happens when the person is hit will vary depending upon the rules. Some games may eliminate a person from play for the duration of the game or for a specified amount of time.

The most interesting aspect of the game is that it can sometimes involve role playing. The game could either recreate classical scenarios from the past or it can even duplicate a scene in a motion picture.

Really there is no limitation to the various scenarios one can come up with. All that is needed for plays a battlefield.

The battlefield can be any urban rural environment that you select. Just be sure that you have permission to occupy the area! And, for those that love to be totally creative, many props can be added to the scene. For example, foxholes can be made, structures can be built, and even foreign lands can be recreated. Again, there is no limitation to the type of creativity that can be employed in playing the game.

Where did Airsoft come from?

Airsoft guns originated in Japan during the 1970's - 1980's; in Japan. Guns were illegal in Japan at the time. However, it was and is perfectly legal to own a handgun replica.

This led to the development of a BB gun and fired plastic pellets. The popularity of these guns grew substantially in Japan as they were primarily used for target practice. However, there was a need for a more engaging and active use for the guns. Combative games were devised and they grew in popularity as well.

The popularity was soon exported to the rest of the world. At first, it spread through the other Asian countries neighboring Japan. Eventually, the sport reached the western world in the 1990s. Today, there are enthusiasts of the sport throughout North America and Europe.

This. of course. has necessitated larger production of Airsoft guns which have greatly developed in sophistication. The number of military and police weapons replicas that are used in Airsoft games is so significant that a virtually any point of history over the past 150 years can be replicated in an Airsoft game.

The United States is the most popular region in the world for Airsoft although many Asian countries would follow a close second. This is probably because America has a rich gun cultural history since much of it was once once a new frontier.

Airsoft Rules and Requirements

There are, however, certain rules and regulations covering the use of Airsoft guns. There are no regions in the United States where Airsoft guns are illegal. However, there are certain states that require that the guns maintain a bright orange tip so as to distinguish them from actual firearms.

In some regions, a license may be required to carry an Airsoft gun. In Illinois, there are even rules and regulations strictly limiting the sale and distribution of Airsoft guns. However, those that wish to engage in Airsoft play can generally do so in most parts of the United States.

Who plays Airsoft?

Some may wonder what type of people play Airsoft games. The simplest way to answer this is to say people of all walks of life. There are those that are very young and then there are those that are adults. There are those that have legitimate interests in military history where others are engulfed in police tactics; and there are those that enjoy the game based on what they've seen in the movies.

More men than women seem to play the game although there are many female enthusiasts. In general, those that like to play Airsoft games are individuals looking for an active hobby that involves strategic thinking.

Is Airsoft the Same as Paintball?

Airsoft is commonly compared to paintball which is arguably the more popular activity. Some airsoft gamers may not like this comparison because they think Airsoft is more combative while paintball is more of a game. However, most airsoft enthusiasts do their own thing and do not worry about those that are interested in paintball. And, yes, there are also many people that enjoy both hobbies equally.

Airsoft Popularity

Airsoft is growing more and more in popularity as the internet is helping to spread the word about this enjoyable sport. Considering it is more affordable than paintball, it may overtake that sport in popularity in the near future. Even the equipment used to play Airsoft is relatively inexpensive.

This is a good thing because of lower prices of the safety equipment means it is more accessible to those that wish to participate. As a result, increased safety leads to a decrease in injuries which will help allow the sport to become more popular.

And, yes, it will definitely continue to be more popular as word continues to spread about the uniqueness of this brilliant combat game!