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What should I wear in an airsoft game?

by Steven
(Kansas City)

Airsoft Camo and Ghillie Suits

Airsoft Camo and Ghillie Suits

Hello Airsoft Dome, I am new to Airsoft and would like to know: What should I wear in an airsoft game?

Thank you for your time!

Answer provided by Airsoft Dome Below

Hi Steven!

Welcome to the joys of Airsoft! :-)

Well obviously you want safety first. Always make sure to wear eye protection at all times.

Gloves can also help deflect the bb's.

There are a few different types of Airsoft games.

Field or CQB (close quarters battles). There are also some different classes. Assault, Sniper, and support.

Assault is mostly people who are out in the open.

Snipers usually stay away from the main battles and take people out one by one.

And support people are usually back near snipers and just lay down hundreds of rounds per minute.

In an assault role you are the main target for the other team.

Some fields require you to wear a bdu. You may also want to think about a plate carrier.

Another useful item would be a tactical vest because you will need to carry some extra mags for your primary weapon and maybe some for your secondary weapon as well.

Other clothing you will want to have would be a camel back, pistol holster, and bandana to cover your neck.

Snipers really don't need a tactical vest because they don't run out of bullets very fast. They should mostly have: a pistol holster, gloves, elbow and knee pads, a camel back and a ghillie suit if you really want one.

For support you will probably need the same amount of gear as the assault class because unlike snipers, you will be shooting a lot more so people will know where to shoot.

Now it doesn't matter what games you choose, but you must always wear eye protection.

Hope this helps!


If anyone else reading these tips has anything to add, please use the comments to type in and help!

Thank you again for your Airsoft Question!

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Thanks for Airsoft Info
by: Mikey

This helps me a lot also, thank you very much for the info on what to wear for Airsoft!


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