Airsoft Guns and Upgrades

Airsoft guns are detailed firearm replicas that fire plastic or rubber pellets. It is used for recreational purposes and can reach muzzle velocities of up to 500 feet. There are several types of airsoft guns, but Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs) are what are commonly used in combat games.

Airsoft Gun Types and How They Work

The mechanism of how an airsoft gun fires pellets depends on the type and make of the item. There are three main types of airsoft gun and they are:

• Spring Action• Gas Operated• Electric Airsoft Guns

Spring-Action Airsoft Guns are the most basic type of airsoft gun. They are usually the weapon of choice for beginners because they are less expensive compared to gas operated and electric airsoft guns. These are manually operated, single shot airsoft guns that propel their pellets with the help of the energy released by the spring. The shooter must cock the gun before each shot.

Spring-action guns are not considered competitive enough for combat games because they do not produce the same rapid firing rate that electric or gas powered airsoft guns do. Spring powered guns, however, are used for sniper shots.

Gas Operated Airsoft Guns are, as the name suggests, powered by gas, usually with CO2 or Green Gas. These airsoft guns propel pellets with the release of gas from pressurized canisters. A canister is attached to the main body of the gun and is reloaded after a set number of rounds have been fired.

There are a many different varieties of gas operated airsoft guns available in the market today. These varieties range from low, middle to high end guns. Some high end gas powered guns are considered as sub-machine guns.

Electric Airsoft Guns, also known as AEGs, are considered to be the top of the line airsoft guns. These guns can be automatic or semi-automatic and work using a spring that is powered by rechargeable batteries.

Most electric airsoft guns are able to shoot up to 750 round per minute. They are often preferred over spring and gas powered guns because of the firing rate (as compared with spring guns) and the absence of gas canisters (as opposed to gas powered guns).

Upgrades and Modifications

Most airsoft gun types are open for upgrades and modifications. Electric and gas powered airsoft guns, however, are the types that are commonly upgraded and modified. Spring powered guns; especially those that are used as snipers may also be modified and upgraded to improve performance.

Some of the most common parts of an airsoft gun that will benefit from upgrades and modifications:

• Air Nozzle• Anti-Reversal Latch• Barrel• Battery• Bushings• Cut Off Lever• Cylinder• Gears• Hop Up Buckling• Hop Up Chamber• Hop Up Rubber• Piston Head• Piston Seat• Sector Chip• Selector Plate• Shims• Spring• Spring Guide• Tappet Plate• Trigger Mechanism• Trigger Seat

Some airsoft companies produce guns that already come with decent parts. Most of the time, however, a gun can benefit from upgrading stock parts. Some users also prefer to upgrade the body of their firearm from high-quality plastic to a metal. This upgrade helps improve the durability of the gun and gives it a more authentic feel.

Airsoft gun owners may also purchase accessories for their guns that help them stabilize shooting. Some of these accessories include:

• Bipods and Tripods• Gun Cases and Holsters• Red Dot Sights• Rings• Scopes

Cost of Upgrades – Is it Worth It?

The cost of upgrades depends on type and on the extent of the upgrades. Prices for airsoft parts range from as low as $20 for gear sets to somewhere in the low of high hundreds, even thousands, for body modifications.

Upgrades and modifications to an airsoft gun can be very expensive. Still, a majority of airsoft gun enthusiasts still advocate the benefits of upgrading their riffles. The stiff price, however, makes a lot of people wonder if upgrades are really worth the cost.

The answer is yes. Upgrades and modifications, however, need to be handled with tack and restraint. Airsoft guns do benefit from an upgrade here or there, but the price conscious gun owner should know how to choose which upgrades improve the gun’s performance. Parts that function well enough can be left as is.


Airsoft guns have been in the market since the mid-20th century, but it wasn’t until the late 1990s, and the early part of the 21st century that their popularity took off. Today, the guns are used for recreational purposes. They come in a wide variety of types and users have the option of upgrading the parts of better functioning items that help improve the gun’s performance.

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