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What is the most popular kind of Airsoft AEG gun?

What is the most popular kind of AEG and why?

Answer provided by Airsoft Dome below

Hi, thank you for your question on Airsoft AEG's.

Probably the most common and most popular kind of AEG would be the M4A1.

It is very reliable depending on which company you buy from.

People like the M4 because it is kind of an all-around gun. Most models have an adjustable crane stock. They are easy to upgrade with
aftermarket parts.

Also pretty much every Airsoft website carries M4 parts. The M4 can work for CQB (close quarters battles) or for longer range field skirmishes. Overall the M4A1 is probably the most popular gun on the market.

Another type of AEG is the MP5 series. People like it because it is compact, lightweight and packs a punch un-proportional to it's size.

They are made by numerous companies and come in different models. Full stock, sliding stock, folding stock. Like the M4 the MP5 series are
easily upgradable. They don't always have a good fps but are notorious for having an unbelievable ROF (Rate of Fire) out of the box.

Being compact they make great CQB weapons and are easy to maneuver. Overall great gun for CQB,
but not so much for the fields.

The third most popular AEG would probably be the g36 series. It has a folding stock and lots of rails. They have a decent ROF and FPS (Feet Per Second). You can upgrade them easily and they are very good, reliable guns.

Hope this helps your Airsoft AEG decision! :-)

Airsoft Gun Dome Team

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Airsoft Question Answered - Very welcome!
by: Airsoft Dome

Hi you are very welcome! And glad that we could help! If you have any other questions about Airsoft, certainly please feel free to ask again - any time!

Have fun with your new AEG!

Airsoft Gun Dome Team

Popular Airsoft gun
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for anwsering my question so quickly.

I love the anwser and am getting an Mp5 sd5. Thanks keep it up and I will definatly recomend you.

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