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Airsoft Gun Accessories

What Are Airsoft Accessories?

Airsoft is a game of strategy played with multiple players and/or teams on a field using soft air guns. There are several different types of airsoft guns; the most popular are powered by springs or even by CO2 cartridges.

Airsoft guns are replicas of real guns on the market today, and for that reason there are strict laws surrounding the idea of them in public places or anywhere or time other than when they are being used to engage in play.

While airsoft guns are certainly the most noted element of airsoft play, they are not the only thing to consider. The more advanced airsoft players out there make use of airsoft accessories.

These are props that are designed to enhance airsoft play by adding a more difficult or realistic element to the airsoft competition. For the most part, all airsoft accessories and guns are safe for everyone if used properly.

Airsoft Ghillies

Airsoft ghillies are very much like ghillies for the military. There are several different types of environments in which traditional BDUs are not going to work for the purpose of camouflaging players from the enemy.

Airsoft ghillies allow players to blend in to all types of environment. These costumes allow players to hide in trees, near bushes, in the brush, or in the grass because of the way that their camouflage clothing are fashioned.

Airsoft ghillies may have faux leaves, grass, or other fauna glued or sewed to the outfit. This is what allows the player to be disguised so easily, usually while in plain sight. Fun!

Airsoft Grenades

While many players choose not to make use of them, airsoft grenades are critical elements of play for many airsoft enthusiasts.

They allow players to attack one another from longer distances than regular airsoft guns might allow. Airsoft grenades normally have a fairly wide blast radius that allows players to do more than normal gun 'fire' would do. There are a few ways that airsoft grenades can be used, but many players like to keep it simple and throw them by hand.

Before use, airsoft grenades must be filled with the plastic soft air pellets that also fill an airsoft gun. Many of them use gas cartridges as well.

Once the grenade is prepared and the pin is pulled, the player is to throw the grenade out into the field just as it would be done with an actual grenade. Instead of fire and explosion, the grenade blasts soft air pellets; if it hits one or more players, the grenade play was successful.

Airsoft grenades often take a bit of practice to get right, but practice and good timing can make for perfect airsoft play.

Grenade Launchers

Airsoft grenades don't usually fly far when you throw them by hand. Many players who use airsoft grenades regularly during play invest in grenade launchers.

There are two main types of grenade launchers. The most popular type of grenade launcher is the type that fits underneath the barrel of a rifle. These are so popular because they are removable, great for those who only engage in airsoft grenade play every so often.

Those who use grenades during play all the time may want to invest in more traditional grenade launchers. These are weapons whose sole purpose is to launch grenades at 'the enemy.' They come in different sizes and can launch grenades well beyond what a normal person's arm would ever be able to accomplish.

Airsoft Claymore Mines

Airsoft Claymore mines are another airsoft accessory that is wildly popular. These are buried under the ground or stuck into the Earth. When they are stepped on, they explode and BBs are sprayed everywhere. If carefully hidden, Claymore mines can take out even the most skilled unsuspecting airsoft players.

These are great accessories because BBs can be used that have already been used in play. The Claymore mines themselves can even be found and refilled for another use!


People build bunkers in or on top of the ground as a way of having a place to hide and stay out of the view of the opposing team. Some bunkers are above ground and may be something as simple as a low wall or a fallen log.

Other airsoft players, often those who have their own dedicated space for play, will go so far as to build airsoft bunkers in the ground and fortify them with wood or cement.

The process differs and very few airsoft bunkers are the same, but there is no doubt that they are a great part of long lasting, fascinating play.

Airsoft accessories are pretty significant to any serious, competitive Airsoft game plan. They can help keep games going longer, they keep things fun and engaging and give people new ways to think.

Without airsoft bunkers, military strategy of any sort would be hard to muster. While they are not imperative, airsoft bunkers are an amazingly important part of a great game.

These are just a few of the cool add-ons for airsoft game play!

Have fun!