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Soft Air Guns - The Many Faces of the Airsoft Rifle

ak sniper airsoft rifle

Airsoft games are a popular sport for those who love guns, love battle simulation, and love good old fashioned fun with friends and family. This is a game where players shoot small plastic pellets or beads at one another from guns with compressed air chambers. When a player is hit by a pellet, they are out of the game.

There are many different airsoft guns on the market, but the most popular ones for simulated combat are by far airsoft rifles.

There are four main types of airsoft rifles out there that a person can purchase; they are sniper rifles, assault rifles, pulse rifles, and HK G36 rifles.

How do you know which one is best for you? There is no clear answer to that question; different people have different preferences. It often takes getting the wrong airsoft rifle to figure out which one it is that you like the best.

Hopefully the information below will help in guiding you to the airsoft rifle you will like best!


Airsoft Gas Rifles

airsoft gas rifle

Gas rifles are great airsoft rifles. They are very portable and fairly lightweight when compared to real guns, but they shoot just hard enough to make an impact. Many of the gas rifles out there can even go fully automatic.

The only problem with these rifles is that the gas chamber is often depleted pretty quickly, which requires you to carry around extra cans of gas or a pump to recharge the can that you have in your rifle.

Many people find that for longer play gas power is not the best option for rifles. On the flip side, they are great for handguns.

Spring Airsoft Rifles

spring airgun rifle submachine

Spring powered airsoft rifle replicas are fairly popular options, as well. This is definitely the most powerful type of airsoft rifle, as pellets can travel as fast as 300 feet per second.

The only downside to such a rifle is that the rifle has to be cocked back with every shot. This can take a lot of the fun out of things for some people, which is what makes gas powered rifles so popular even though the gas depletes rather quickly.










Automatic Electric Rifles

mp5 airsoft electric rifle picture

Automatic electric rifles, or airsoft electric guns, are another popular type of airsoft rifle. This is because they are very portable and are operated with the help of a battery.

These Airsoft rifles are reliable; you don't have to worry about lugging around gas cans and they are accurate as well.

Electric rifles are also very cool, because they can go automatic, unlike spring powered airsoft rifles. The only downside is that they are not quite as powerful as the spring rifle models. Either way, electric rifles definitely have their benefits.

Airsoft rifles are loads of fun. They are great for war play, they are great for blowing off steam after a bad day, or just for horsing around with friends.

Check out these Airsoft Rifles from HobbyTron below:

Remember, you get what you pay for, so if you are buying cheaper than $50, we recommend that you buy the cheap ones only to test out the different types, before moving on to the more expensive gear! Hobbytron Airsoft Rifles is perfect for this reason. :-)

HobbyTron Airsoft Rifles