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The Airsoft M16 Gun

TSD Electric M16 Assult Rifle FPS-300, 2 300 Rnd. Magazines, Fixed Stock Airsoft Gun

TSD Electric M16 Assult Rifle FPS-300, 2 300 Rnd. Magazines, Fixed Stock Airsoft Gun

The M16 is probably the most famous of all weapons used by the American military. The weapon is a fully automatic rifle that was first developed in the 1960's and was used as the primary infantry weapon in the Vietnam War.

It has remained the primary infantry weapon of the US infantry since this time and its use has been expanded into NATO where 15 NATO affiliated nations employ the weapon in their military operations.

Airsoft M16 Overview

Of course, a weapon that is so famous would definitely become a popular item in the world of airsoft guns. In fact, one would make a credible claim that the M16 is the most preferred weapon of choice by players that enjoy engaging in military game campaigns.

Simply put, this particular weapon and model has much to offer those that enjoy a variety of gaming combat missions.

Jing Gong M16-A1 Vietnam Style Electric Airsoft Rifle

Jing Gong M16-A1 Vietnam Style Electric Airsoft Rifle

Probably the greatest feature of the airsoft M16 is that it handles exactly like its real life counterpart. This particular weapon is designed for ease of use and it can be carried in a variety of situations due to its light, compact weight.

The weapon is also known for its accuracy and fully automatic blasts. This provides it with a host of versatile benefits which allow it to easily make the transition into any one of a number of gaming scenarios.

Top M16 Airsoft Guns

Spring Well M16 Assault Rifle FPS-225 Airsoft Gun ($30) This is certainly not the most spectacular of the M16 replicas but it is functional and its low price makes it quite accessible.

Spring Well M16 Assault Rifle FPS-225 Airsoft Gun

Spring Well M16 Assault Rifle FPS-225 Airsoft Gun


Electric M16 Assault Rifle FPS-170 ($57) The design of this gun makes it quite durable and a preferred weapon for those looking for an inexpensive gun that can handle repeated use.

Double Eagle M83 M16 Style Camo ($70) The camo aspect of this particular M16 makes it a great weapon for those that wish to hide in forest areas and limit their ability to be detected.

Double Eagle Full Size M16 Auto Airsoft Rifle ($70) This is an outstanding weapon that will certainly appeal to those wishing to employ fully automatic attack plans as opposed to single shot or semi-auto strategies.

Electric M16 Assault Rifle FPS-170 ($35) This is an inexpensive model that makes for excellent urban style combat operations thanks to its compact size and collapsible stock.

Airsoft M16 Game Play

While the M16 is a great weapon by itself, its ability to provide successful game play can be enhanced by the inclusion of a number of accessories. Namely, adding stocks, laser sights, and a grenade launcher can all add to the ability to use this weapon for gaining game play objectives.

Many of these airsoft guns already come with a number of these accessories, but if your particular model does not have them, you could always a purchase them separately.

On a side note, it is important not to confuse the M16 with the Airsoft M4. The M4 was essentially the prototype for the M16 and it is a bit bulkier.

The Airsoft M4 gun is, however, an excellent weapon, but it handles differently than the M16. So, those looking for a pure M16 style would be advised to purchase the M16 style only replica airsoft guns.