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Gas Powered Airsoft Guns

Not all Airsoft guns are identical and even a causal fan of the sport will know this. Most people realize that that are all manner and types of Airsoft guns and they also know that there are numerous methods in which Airsoft guns are powered.

Namely, the three methods in which Airsoft guns are powered include: electrical, spring loading, and gas based projection. Ultimately, all three center on the same concept: a compressed gaseous source will be used to propel a plastic BB out of the gun's chamber.

Now, out of the three, it would seem that gas Airsoft guns are among the most popular among game players and collectors. This, in turn, raises questions as to why it is so popular. So, let's take a look at some of the factors that contribute to the popularity of these types of Airsoft guns.

First, it is important to understand the basic components of what exactly entails a gas powered Airsoft gun. The way this type of gun works is relatively simple. A canister that houses a gas known as Green Gas is placed within the handle of the gun.

The gas is held in the canister in a compressed format. When the trigger of the gun is pressed, a high intensity amount of gas is released which sends the plastic pellet out of the chamber at a high velocity and with a very significant speed.

This is a significantly different from the other method of Airsoft propulsion found in the other types of Airsoft guns. An electrical powered Airsoft gun utilizes a battery powered motor in order to deliver the necessary propulsion to launch the plastic BB.

A spring action Airsoft gun involves cranking a lever to load air into a chamber and in a compressed manner. Both of these guns are fine guns and they can achieve the duties required of them. However, there are those that prefer the gas powered guns due to many of the benefits.

It should come as no surprise that gas powered guns is so popular since they were the first Airsoft guns originally developed. These guns were originally produced in Japan as replica weapons of real handguns and rifles.

Airsoft guns were immediately popular and certainly delivered on their promises. However, economic woes in Japan led to many shakeups in the manufacturing industry. One shakeup was the need to develop a less expensive Airsoft gun.

Eventually, it was the development of the electric Airsoft gun that was achieved. (Spring loaded versions of traditional BB guns had already existed for hundreds of years) Interestingly, the new electrical Airsoft gun did not completely replace the original gas powered gun.

Yes, to this day, electrical Airsoft guns outsell gas powered ones but they have not outsold them to the point the days of gas powered guns are numbered. In fact, gas powered guns remain as popular as ever among a certain segment of the consumer public. Of course, this raises the question as to why. So, let's try and explore this question.

Considering the fact that the gas powered Airsoft gun was the first gun developed it carries the moniker of being the original Airsoft gun.

While some may dismiss such a moniker the fact remains that anything with that is associated with being the purest and most original product will surely acquire an edge in the consumer marketplace.

Being the original carries with it a distinct psychological advantage that one should never overlook when trying to understand the popularity of a product.

There is also an ease of use with a gas powered Airsoft gun. This is particularly true when comparing a gas powered gun with that of a spring powered gun. The time and effort needed to load compressed air via a spring powered gun is far more than what is required of a gas gun. Hence, a gas powered gun will draw a large segment of fans to it as a result.

Then again, the fact that a gas powered gun can fire BB pellets faster and further also has much to do with its popularity as well.

Now, some may say that a gas powered Airsoft gun will be more difficult to operate than an electrical one due to the inclusion of a canister. Actually, once the canister is in place, the ability to operate the gas powered Airsoft gun will be virtually indistinguishable from the electric motor gun. The canister fits inside the handle of the gun in a manner no different from the way a battery would fit into an electric model.

Granted, some will be concerned about the gas emptying out quicker than a battery model. This is true and it can also be a net positive for competing with Airsoft guns during game play. Namely, it becomes necessary to pick your shots a lot more carefully since you may run out of gas at an inopportune time. As such, you will need to be more deliberate in your approach to game play.

Now, if your gun does run out of gas this should not be cause for alarm. You simply need to reload a new canister in the handle. This is not a complex process as the canister will slide into the handle with relative ease. Once the canister clicks into the chamber, it is good to go and you are ready to fire the weapon once again.

In terms of power, a gas powered Airsoft gun is in the middle between a slide action and an electric motor gun. The power is significant enough that it is important to always wear acceptable protective gear when gaming with gas Airsoft guns. This will dramatically reduce the potential for injury and make game play a great deal of fun for all involved.

And, of course, you will want a quality gas powered gun. Since they can be purchased at prices ranges from $30 - $120, there is a gun out there that can fit any budget.